Book - Spiritual Spine Healing

CoverEnglish500A New and Unique Health Programm for your Back

Human beings do not consist only of bones, ligaments, soft tissue and organs. They are body, mind and spirit and therefore a unity. They are complex organisms and not separate from other parts of the rest of the world, the visible and the invisible universe.
Everything is conditioned by and depends on everything else, and all things build upon each other. If one part is not working properly, then the entire system is out of order.
You cannot separate mind and matter from each other. The mind invigorates and controls matter. Without the mind no movement is possible and nor is good health. If the mind has a problem, then there is also disorder at the physical level.
Healing and health start in the mind!
If the mind of the person is free, relaxed and flexible, then the body also reflects this. If the person's consciousness is limited, his or her mobility will suffer. If his or her psyche is full of anxiety or blockages, these will be expressed just as much throughout the entire physical system.

Not for nothing does the popular saying go: "I was so afraid it sent shivers up my spine!"
This new book, unique in the health field, focuses on a holistic spinal therapy facilitating the healing of back complaints and symptoms of all kinds.
Spiritual back training is a mental spine programme with exercises that demonstrate a wider vision of the bioenergy connections between the spine and the body, so promoting good health.

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