Spiritual Spine Straightening

Book: Spiritual Spine Straightening - Miracles are possible!
Spine distortions, spinal disc herniation, a shifted pelvis and scoliosis, are curable!


Our spinal cord is much more than a framework of bones held by tendons and ligaments. As a carrier of information the spine also memorizes the Matrix of life with our karmic, fatal and prenatal imprints, which we bring into our life when we are born. The human as a multidimensional being consists of a variety of “energetic bodies” which communicate with the divine spark, the higher self and their true human-Identiity. Therefore our spine as an organ expands beyond the physic body. It is our “life support” and an independent intelligence, a highly sensitive mental instrument (tool) that can only be cured if someone uses all encompassingly working mental powers.

Because of this spiritual healing of the spine should cone first for every human being. By getting rid of a crooked pelvis, a twisted spine, shifted shoulders or a difference in length oh one´s legs and many other anomalies of the skeletal system the causes can be surmounted, which otherwise will lead to later suffering. Help is here! It is the creation of the divine order through spiritual (divine) spine straightening by the healing school of Anne Hübner an Tanja Aeckersberg. They have developed a way of cure to overcome being crooked or twisted forever! Be a witness of the life giving elemental divine force, which reveals itself to humanity as a new healing power.

In addition to a full presentation of this healing method in this book the healer and alternative practitioner Tanja Aeckersberg provides her current knowledge about the “universal spine”. Unique findings about the complex bioenergetic contexts of spirit and body are made accessible to the reader. Disturbances which develop if a human being isn´t in consonance with the divine order can be dissolved by performing “knowing exercises” described in this book, which cause an energetic harmonization. The point is to revive the urge of being healed in every cell of the body.
Illnesses of any kind can be surmounted.

Join and witness the adventure of being truly healed !!!

ISBN: 978-3-940832-61-0, 14,90 €